Sunday, November 15, 2009


Combined love for Chibi-miku and DC, Mirai-tan came into reality last Sept 2009 and has been on a regular weekly release basis until mid October 2009. I'm planning to continue this after a few re-edits and eventually debut it into my pixiv and deviantart accounts.

Mirai-tan 01
Mirai-tan 02
Mirai-tan 03
Mirai-tan 04
Mirai-tan 05
Mirai-tan 06
Mirai-tan 07

sign - "beware of perverts"; something I see everytime I go to mochitzuki for grocery

I thought I was cruel to Danny yesterday so I'll let him have a bit of service for today XD

The reality of DD prices XD

My favorite Mirai moe moe kyuuun XD !!

Mirai had her share of fanservice last time so now it's Danny's turn with the fearsome power of Ayu Tsukimiya cosplay sporting a pair of cute wings at the back and a class A Zettai Ryouiki combination XD

Mirai-chan finally ventures to GS Cosplay Cafe ^w^ Let's just hope nothing bad happens to her XD *konata mode* waku waku doki doki XD

Asanon-san toujo XD !! Danny gets the tentacle treatment XD It seems Mirai-chan is becoming more excited about her part time job XD *waku waku doki doki* ^w^

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