Monday, November 16, 2009

A day @round Japan Anime Shops

More or less I have the feeling that I'll move to Tokyo next year so I had the urge to document my everyday life here in Shizuoka ^w^ Compared to Tokyo, Shizuoka is more peaceful - less the crowds that make your head spin XD Now it is my pleasure to give you a slice of what I do during weekends - rounding anime shops here in central Shizuoka XD and the nendoroid below is the result of such weekly activity:

Fukuei forgive me XD I snuck into Delindil's house first ^w^

The order the shops are presented is the usual route I take ^w^ I might omit some of them when I feel like it XD

1. A2
2. Book-Off
3. Kanteidan
- 1st floor
- 2nd floor
4. Men's Paradise
5. Dos Para
6. Melon Books / Rashinban
7. Animate
8. Volks
9. Secret Mode

A2 ("A-too")
Prolly there are 5 branches of A2 wherein I could reach in Shizuoka via bicycle ^w^ This place is a treasure trove for manga collectors and gamers. Manga here are second hand but still of top quality and could cost as low as 50 yens (my A.I. Love You collection by Akamatsu sensei for example ^w^). However recent/famous mangas could cost at most 150 yen each .. but hey compared to brand new ones which cost 550-700 yens; these are already steal deals XD Games sold here could range from old school to cutting edge consoles - all second hand but they make sure all of them are working and quality as close to brand new. Planning to buy Minami-ke and Soul Eater mangas in the future .. but I still have to finish Ichigo 100% and Nyan Koi before buying anything else XDdon't judge a store by its cover XD

not enough manga ^w^? costs 100 yen a piece XD

sometimes they sell 3 pieces for only 100 yen XD how cheap can they get ^w^

I've been hunting for this one XD !! but the price is still ouch TwT !!


Is a combination of old and new stuff shop XD Just like A2 you could sell your manga after you have finished reading them (they even have this commercial on TV, endorsing you to sell instead of throwing away XD). However in this shop you could find semi-new ones which are priced around 200-300 yens XD When I first arrived here in Japan .. I bought my first set of manga "Lilim's Kiss" and "Ichigo 100%"
from this shop ^w^ (both by Kawashita Mizuki sensei - who coincidentally also lives around Shizuoka XD). They also have low priced art books that sells for 100 yen XD (not all of them are good but you could find rare ones ^w^)

oh yeah XD manga heaven ^w^ !!

consumption tax here in Japan is 5% .. so 100 yen + 5% = 105 yen ^w^

care for Yuyu Hakusho VHS tapes XD how old school can you get !!? ^w^


Is the KING of all second hand anime goods / games / figures / manga shops XD When I first waltzed into this place - I felt like whoah .. am I in heaven XD !!? During my first few months here in Shizuoka I frequented this place almost every other day ^w^ (after work Kanteidan visits XD) This is one of my favorite hangout places - a perfect territory to spend those hours without anything to do at home ^w^ You can read manga, watch anime on their TV screens, look through tons of anime figures (figmas and nendos included) XD You could also spot rare and limited edition items here ^w^ muhahah XD

a spot dedicated to Yu-Gi-Oh players ^w^ wish they also had one for Magic the Gathering XD

more second hand manga sets ^w^

Doujin for sale XD

and uhh, what are these ^w^ !!?

oh yeah XD !! PSX + FF game bundles for 1980 yens XD !!

PSX games set for 500 yen ^w^ I think this is the best set I found which contains Macross, Psychic Force, Xeno Gears and Parasite Eve XD

FF7 + PSX bundle for 1980 yens ^w^ get XD?

ok, the usual gachapon machines you see spammed all over Japan XD

here, Kanteidan posts stuff that they want to buy back ^w^ Usually they buy it as close to the original price but it depends on the condition of the stuff you're offering them XD

what are these ^w^ !?

nendoroid puchi Mikuru XD !!

good enough to feed my nendoroid needs ^w^

spotted a Hatsune Miku Race Queen version nendoroid !! Fukuei you still have a chance XD !!

feast your eyes on the army of Figures collection ^w^
well yeah .. for the sake of Drossel fans - here's an eye candy for you ^w^

Men's Paradise XD

I had no intention
of waltzing into this place XD but hey for the sake my comrades - I'll take the recon mission of intruding the most dangerous place in Shizuoka ^w^ I don't frequent this place - as I have only visited this for about 3-5 times eversince XD

gates of heaven or hell XD !!?

pretty clear - brats are not allowed ^w^ !!

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves ^w^

eroge goodness ^w^

omg x__x;;

DOS Para

My Aelirith's birthplace ^w^ Sometimes I visit here to buy new parts and additional accessories for her XD However no Apple parts here .. DOS/V parts refers to IBM-PC compatible machine parts ^w^ (so I feel sorry for Haruka now TwT ..)

Melon Books / Rashinbang

Among all anime shops here in Shizuoka, these ones are the best XD !! I make sure I pay a visit here everytime I do my rounds ^w^ This is also a combination of 2nd hand and brand new stuff, but most of them are brand new ones XD

going to 3rd floor XD

anime ads scattered around the elevator walls ^w^ makes me want to rip and take them home XD

new release eroge "Mashiro" ^w^ reminds me I need to do tinkering on NScripter soon for my VN project (could it be Miracle Mirai - XD nah ..)

yoku wakaranai mono ^w^;;

did I mentioned gachapon machines are spammed all over Japan ^w^?

lovely Key posters XD

lobby to Rashinban and Melon Books ^w^

now this is what you call doujin health stuff XD !!

Biri biri manga XD planning to buy this one XD !! But I have to finish reading Nyan Koi first TwT;;

they also sell light novels here ^w^ I'm currently reading "Toradora" .. and will read "To Aru Majutsu Index" next XD

can't get enough of doujin health stuff? XD

eroge rulez XD !!

keeping my eyes on the Artist ^w^ Fumio-sensei XD

words can't simply describe this area ^w^

I mentioned before that Rashinban sells 2nd hand stuff ^w^ well that goes for doujin - and currently they have re-bought (買取) 1,733 pieces of doujin eversince Comiket 76 XD

Huke's PICSIX ^w^ !! Buying this laterz XD !! Black Rock Shooter chan goodness ^w^

oppai mousepads ^w^ I remember using Kokoro-chan oppai mouse pad at Danny's place XD maybe I should get a Nodoka (Haramura) one XD

tons of dakimakuras to feast on ^w^

do you love Mio XD?

you can't see the cover arts but these are all H-doujins XD !!

outside there is a display area where they preview eroges ^w^ I spend a couple of minutes here viewing the eroge's OP sequences XD "Mashiro" looks very promising ^w^

going down the staircase ^w^ lotsa posters

omochi kaeri XD !!

Remember Lucky Star and Animate Tenchou
("Densetsu no Shoujo A shifto da !!") XD? This is one of the largest anime goods distributor across Japan ^w^ Although I seldom buy stuff from this store (because of the prices XD) I frequent it just to see new anime stuff being released ^w^ And oh, I also buy my manga drawing stuff here XD This is also the place where I first met Aoi Nishimata in person XD (which prompted me to finish Shuffle anime finally ^w^;;)

Animate Shizuoka is located at 4th floor Top Center building ^^

path to AV room ^w^

path to anime goods XD !!

XD !!

one of the cutest entities in reality ^w^ I'll buy these laterz XD

stuff here are organized by title or animation company so here we have the Kyoto Animation corner

K-ON has its own dedicated corner ^w^

Japanese "How to Draw Manga" books ^w^ pretty superior than the English counterpart I have a couple of ones at home XD

I'm sorry for all the DD fans out there but since Volks is ultra-strict when it comes to picture taking, I'm only able to take pictures of Volk's show room facade TwT .. To make things short Volks is a home for Dollfies and there are tons of clothes and accessories available for them ^w^ Aside from Dollfie stuff they also sell figures from Good Smile Company, Alter and others XD There are tons of Gundam plastic models available here too - but hmm I'm not very much into them XD

Volks is located at 4th floor Shizuoka 109

facade right part ^w^

facade left part XD

Dollfies hakken !!

strolling back .. I found this car with lots of Sailor Moon plushies ^w^
Secret Mode

When it seems all stores I went to don't have the stuff I want .. this place have the highest chance of having it XD Hence secret mode ^w^ I personally know the store's owner and prolly we'll team up to make an online store in the near future XD This shop might be small but compared to the others I have shown so far .. in terms of quality, rare items, limited edition stocks .. this can beat the hell out Akihabara stores XD All are brand new ^w^ !! (no second hand stocks allowed here) and this shop is a certified Good Smile Partner shop XD !!

Good Smile Partner shop desu ne XD

I forgot to ask if Tencho have extra Miku posters XD

store is open XD !!

buying some random stuff ^w^

lotsa figmas and nendoroids XD !!

now is the time to feast your eyes on the price XD !! A killer 14,700 .. mint sealed in the box XD !!

ending my trip with a random sketch ^w^ She's Aelirith's avatar XD will make a CG of it later ^w^

Hope you guys had fun as much as I had while writing this up XD Jya matta ne ^w^

- Rain


  1. Oi, if you're going to go sneaking in to my room to take my figures you could at least leave something of equal value behind. ;P

  2. wat is d address to the GSC shop? plz tell >u<!
    i'm filipino too ^w^! email it at

  3. is it possible to ask the address for each store? or a map showing it's location if it's possible!? When I went to Shizuoka recently I only manage to find Melonbooks and Kanteidan....

    you could email it at