Saturday, November 21, 2009

T2 Artworks Illustration Gallery Open @ Akiba

Ok this is one of the reasons why I really want to move to Tokyo ^^;; most of the events happen around this territory. Being in Japan .. it's just like teasing you with the cliche "so near yet so far" XD yeah right, far as in 3-4 hours of train travel, not to mention the 7000 yen train fare to Tokyo ^w^

The exhibit started yesterday November 20 and will be open today and tomorrow (and will continue the following friday until November 29) 12NN to 8PM ^^ Admission is free XD !! So guys living near Tokyo - Akiba - Tora no Ana, rejoice ^w^ There will be 60 T2 Illustrations on exhibit and Tora no Ana will be selling stuff such as posters, post cards, pamphlets, tapestry, etc - printed with the gorgeous T2 illustrations XD

Prices are not cheap as dirt .. but they are worth it XD














- Rain
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  1. The coaster sets are relatively inexpensive compared to the priceless face of your guests when you serve them drinks with them XD

    Sure is pricey to go to Tokyo from Shizuoka >_<

  2. if only T2 shows up in the event itself I would be forced to go there XD and yes the coaster set for 500 yen is <3