Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A day @ Mirai Inc.

chibi Miku got lost somewhere in Meguro and met some new friends ^w^

first time to see a doll maybe 20x her size XD

saw Taiga puchi lying around ^w^

"nani ga yo?" - Taiga being tsun tsun to chibi Miku ^w^;;

chibi Miku doing some PHP coding stuff for iPhone version ^w^ - zen zen wakanai TwT

thirsty ^w^?

yay XD !!

- Rain


  1. You got to visit Danny's office! sweet!

  2. ah yes, I needed to be there just for the iPhone version release of DC ^w^

  3. Oooh nice! Visiting the DC headquarters ^.^ Hmm... is that a little raincoat on Chibi Miku?! That looks very cute :D

  4. when I opened the box, she came with it and decided not to take it off forever XD