Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A. I. (Anime Illustration) reflections episode 1

It's been a while since I published something outside. I guess I'll try to start with something that I am doing recently ^w^

This doodle started out when a friend of mine posted a contest for his blog mascot XDww Unfortunately she wasn't recognized at first sight so I am claiming her now as my own and call her "Ran-chan" (Ran as in "Random" XD). Well it really can't be helped because I have tweaked many parts of the original design, and ended up with a style that suited my taste ^w^

I started out with rough lines, outlining the overall shape of the pose. It didn't really mattered if the proportions as right .. I just want to curve out what the overall feel would look like XD Afterwards I started inking bolder lines which define the shape and details ^w^ I maintain the lines in 2 to 3 layers and merge them as soon as possible, making it more manageable in the process XD In the past I have tons of layers that contains the final lines - like lines for the hair, lines for the clothes, etc XDww Now I'm doing it the lazy method and manage all lines in one layer (taught by my friend XD).

Painting was a breeze XD Compared to cel shade, you don't really have to care if some of the colors smudge outside the lines ^w^ Having a shot at this style will really explain to you why some people can manage to come up with CGs in just a matter of 3-4 hours XD (mine took 30 minutes - and it still looks bland TwT). What I have done on this is use different shades on painting (well that's normal I guess). I have played around the marker density while applying the colors, and it produced nice results XD

Well, I'll post another CG tomorrow hopefully ^w^

- Rain