Monday, November 16, 2009

A day @ Washinomiya Shrine

I have always wanted to do this pilgrimage - so when I had the chance, I just grabbed my bag and train ticket and all set to go XD

yatto tsuita da XD !!

Nishimata-sensei's work? XD

may I order one Kagami please? XD

when you don't have train fare going back - just go here and pick up some zennies XD

itasha parking lot :3

Fate-chan itasha hakken !!

irrashaimase ^w^

wakaru ^^?

chibi miku seems to enjoy this spot ^w^

yay XD

I like these tsukasa faces XD

I think this is the best among them ^w^

bath time XD?

shrine maiden ^w^

Koi Omikuji and Mamori Charm ^w^

uhhh ..

wahh XD !!

peaceful days ^w^

- Rain

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