Monday, November 23, 2009

A day @ PIXIV Market

I was randomly browsing sites one day and landed on Huke's blog XD I just learned then that he'll be selling stuff at PIXIV Market (Nov 15th) at Tokyo Big Sight - and it didn't take 3 seconds for me to decide to plan on going there and get his stuff XD One of the things that Chibi Miku and I share in common is being crazy for Black Rock Shooter XD And thus meeting Huke himself is like an obligation I need to fulfill at least once in my lifetime ^w^

Here's a common view for Tokyo Big Sight goers ^w^ The walk way from the Yurikamome line XD

Chibi Miku and Tokyo Big Sight XD "yay, yatto tsuita"

The entrance fee is 500 yen XD in return you'll get a pamphlet that will serve as a guide for the doujin circles that will particpate in the event ^w^

people lined up as early as 6am XD rarr the competition

for some reason I'm reminded of Comic Party every time I see this structure XD

Pixiv Market pamphlet XD cover is very nice ^w^

Ok I have only one target for this event - and that is the HWB doujin circle aka Huke's circle XD Hmm I wonder what "WB" meant XD maybe "web" - so it comes out as "Huke Web" XD? It seems that there are 3 major circles participating in this event - one is HWB the other is Poteneko (responsible for most Circus' character designs) and the other is Indico Lite which is responsible for character designs for Moonstone (recent work includes Marginal Skip XD)

Chibi Miku patiently lining up for BRS stuff XD

The queue was transfered to the back of Tokyo Big Sight XD A huge parking lot

Line was segregated by target doujin circles ^w^ Pretty organized XD

of course I'm lining up for HWB

random doodle ^w^ just got bored

Alright XD !! we see here that Huke and the others preparing their booth and stuff XD *waku waku doki doki* mode ^w^

Huke is the tallest guy in the middle XD at the end of the event I asked him to take a picture with me, but he humbly refused ^w^ it seems he's not that good with pictures XD

time to dig in XD rarr

after getting HWB stuff, I lined up for Poteneko stuff XD

I didn't know there was a different event going on ^w^ It was a large doujin event called Comtia XD but never bothered to go there XD .. hmm well just took a peek but I was too tired to circle the whole place ^w^

Welcome to Pixiv Market XD !!

Black Rock Shooter doko ni itta no TwT?

Index chan XD !!

Vocaloid Puchi Army ^w^

Can't get enough of BRS sword version XD

but I like the cannon version better ^w^

Nanoha-chan ^w^ !!

Late comers will cry when they see this "sold out" sign XD

what are you looking at XD?

after the crazy lines HWB circle booth was transfered inside the atrium

it seems Aoi Nishimata sensei was also there XD? didn't felt it TwT

BRS chan XD !!

Indico Lite ^w^ !!

killer art skillz XD!! Huke FTW !! note: Huke is also responsible for some Metal Gear Solid artwork ^w^

The atmosphere of Pixiv Market ^w^ Similar to Comiket, but smaller

Spoils of war ^w^

BRS stick posters ^w^

Muhahah XD got this signed by Huke himself ^w^

BRS insane version XD

also got this poster signed ^w^ yay Chibi Miku and I are very happy XD

BRS stuff XD hohoho

artbook from Poteneko

Poteneko Halloween Season poster ^w^

- Rain


  1. Oooh BRS Insane Version looks cool! Is there a bigger version of the art somewhere?

    Nice visit to the Big Site there ^_^ I've been wanting to go there ever since Komugi-chan fought the transformed version of the building XD

    Too bad you couldn't take a picture with Huke, but I guess a lot of them are quite shy ^^

  2. linking from tinypic ^w^ it seems you need a pixiv account to see the picture from the source XD

  3. I do have a Pixiv account, but I guess some people don't. Thanks for the bigger pic ^_^ She looks fierce! Maybe it'll make it into the anime version? :D

    Oh and was gonna say that it musta been a long wait that you got a nice sketch out XD

  4. do you have more scans from the poteneko artbook?