About Me

student number 7, section 2-B

programmer / Illustrator

interests: Visual Key, Tasofro, Touhou, Miku, Supercell, Livetune, Techno Pop, Akamatsu, Kawashita



aside from that I also like Nuclear Physics, Military Science, Math


personal quotes:

"you're the author of your own life story" - Rain (06 Sept 2010)
"you're doomed to fail if you don't love what you do" - Rain (10 Sept 2010)
"art is an endless pursuit for perfection" - Rain (13 Sept 2010)
"when you feel that no game can satisfy you anymore .. it's time to create your own" - Rain (16 Sept 2010)
"a true artist strives for perfection and breathes happiness from it" - Rain (18 Sept 2010)
"Arrogance will always be the start of your fall" - Rain (27 Sept 2010)


Fighting - Hisoutensoku
Shooter - Touhou Series
Action - Rockman Series
Puzzle - Puyo Puyo Fever
RPG - Final Fantasy Series
Rhythm - Project Diva, Beats, DDR