Friday, November 27, 2009

A day @ Akihabara Tonkotsu Ramen

For me this is one of the best places in Akihabara where you get to eat Ramen for 500 yen with refills for free XD You could refill two times - but unfortunately for me, I'll give up after the first one ^w^;;

on the average ramen costs from 700 yen up XD So ramen in this place is definitely cheap ^w^

Monday, November 23, 2009

A day @ PIXIV Market

I was randomly browsing sites one day and landed on Huke's blog XD I just learned then that he'll be selling stuff at PIXIV Market (Nov 15th) at Tokyo Big Sight - and it didn't take 3 seconds for me to decide to plan on going there and get his stuff XD One of the things that Chibi Miku and I share in common is being crazy for Black Rock Shooter XD And thus meeting Huke himself is like an obligation I need to fulfill at least once in my lifetime ^w^

Saturday, November 21, 2009

T2 Artworks Illustration Gallery Open @ Akiba

Ok this is one of the reasons why I really want to move to Tokyo ^^;; most of the events happen around this territory. Being in Japan .. it's just like teasing you with the cliche "so near yet so far" XD yeah right, far as in 3-4 hours of train travel, not to mention the 7000 yen train fare to Tokyo ^w^

The exhibit started yesterday November 20 and will be open today and tomorrow (and will continue the following friday until November 29) 12NN to 8PM ^^ Admission is free XD !! So guys living near Tokyo - Akiba - Tora no Ana, rejoice ^w^ There will be 60 T2 Illustrations on exhibit and Tora no Ana will be selling stuff such as posters, post cards, pamphlets, tapestry, etc - printed with the gorgeous T2 illustrations XD

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A day @ Mirai Inc.

chibi Miku got lost somewhere in Meguro and met some new friends ^w^

first time to see a doll maybe 20x her size XD

Monday, November 16, 2009

A day @round Japan Anime Shops

More or less I have the feeling that I'll move to Tokyo next year so I had the urge to document my everyday life here in Shizuoka ^w^ Compared to Tokyo, Shizuoka is more peaceful - less the crowds that make your head spin XD Now it is my pleasure to give you a slice of what I do during weekends - rounding anime shops here in central Shizuoka XD and the nendoroid below is the result of such weekly activity:

Fukuei forgive me XD I snuck into Delindil's house first ^w^

A day @ Tamiya Race Circuit

Spent Saturday with my officemates at Tamiya Race Circuit ^w^ Can't really compare to them, because they all have the high tech gears for RC racing - while I only sport an all-stock RC ^w^ Well I'm not for speed now - I'm just after driving skills XD

A day @ Vocaloid Master 9

The 9th Vocaloid Master event was held last Sunday at Ota-ku Tokyo Sangyou Plaza PiO ^w^ This event is solely dedicated to exhibiting Vocaloid stuff from amateur to semi-pro music composers, doujinshi makers and cosplayers XD It's nothing compared to Comiket, but when you get to see all the Vocaloid stuff - for a Miku fan like me - all is worth it ^w^ The event lasted for 4 hours which is pretty short - but it is enough to let you circle the booths multiple times =w= I think I spent most of my time doing that from start to finish - I guess I can't get enough of looking through the works ^w^ Most of the amateur composers - I don't know; the only circle I was familiar with is "ZANeeds" which formerly worked with ChanXCO san - a friend in DeviantART XD Hoping to attend another Vocaloid event in the future XD


nechan let's go XD

A day @ Washinomiya Shrine

I have always wanted to do this pilgrimage - so when I had the chance, I just grabbed my bag and train ticket and all set to go XD

yatto tsuita da XD !!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Combined love for Chibi-miku and DC, Mirai-tan came into reality last Sept 2009 and has been on a regular weekly release basis until mid October 2009. I'm planning to continue this after a few re-edits and eventually debut it into my pixiv and deviantart accounts.

Mirai-tan 01
Mirai-tan 02
Mirai-tan 03
Mirai-tan 04
Mirai-tan 05
Mirai-tan 06
Mirai-tan 07