Monday, November 16, 2009

A day @ Vocaloid Master 9

The 9th Vocaloid Master event was held last Sunday at Ota-ku Tokyo Sangyou Plaza PiO ^w^ This event is solely dedicated to exhibiting Vocaloid stuff from amateur to semi-pro music composers, doujinshi makers and cosplayers XD It's nothing compared to Comiket, but when you get to see all the Vocaloid stuff - for a Miku fan like me - all is worth it ^w^ The event lasted for 4 hours which is pretty short - but it is enough to let you circle the booths multiple times =w= I think I spent most of my time doing that from start to finish - I guess I can't get enough of looking through the works ^w^ Most of the amateur composers - I don't know; the only circle I was familiar with is "ZANeeds" which formerly worked with ChanXCO san - a friend in DeviantART XD Hoping to attend another Vocaloid event in the future XD


nechan let's go XD

so many people =w= ..

vocaloid master catalogue ^w^

ZaNEEDs circle XD producer of "Overwrite" (search at Nico Nico)

more people coming =w= atsuii ..

cosplay XD !!

CHANXCO san's poster ^w^ ZANeeds booth

Kagamiku working hard to sell CDs

Mikurin: minna katte kudasai XD !!

what abomination is this??

meet up with rin and len XD

can't help but love her XD suki da yo !!

oi no slacking on the job !!

Hamo?? you've grown big XD

that was yummy XD rar

fear the staff XD !!

Gumi-chan !! very well done ^w^

My Oyome-san ^w^ Princess Miku

mess with me??

ahh shiawase XD

- Rain

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