Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Send your Personal Message to Venus via Akatsuki

In light of "Miku to Venus" campaign, I would also like to say that you could send a message as an individual ^w^ "Miku to Venus" project is sending our message as a group of Miku fans ~ but if you have any personal message you want to send to Venus (hoping that there are some beings who could read it) JAXA is giving us the chance to do so XD

Please follow this link

I've been reading about Akatsuki, and this kid has a lot of promise for us XD It aims to let us observe Venus much more closely and eventually letting us understand its properties, weather systems, etc. As we know Venus and Earth are like sisters, and both planets were formed at approximately the same time XD But the mystery lies where even though it's almost similar ~ why did it took a different path of evolution ^w^ JAXA scientists claimed that if we can understand what lead Venus to be as it is now, we could use that knowledge to predict the future of Earth ~ more specifically for climate changes XD

That's why Akatsuki is also called "Venus Climate Orbiter"

more info on Akatsuki here XD

For those who haven't signed yet please visit ^w^ !! 

yoroshiku ne XD !!

- Rain