Sunday, December 13, 2009

Choco Vanilla Coronet

I encountered this while visiting "Christmas Festa" in Shizuoka Twin Messe XD Out of curiousity why Konata loves this thing (in replacement for lunch) I tried it out of whim ^w^ And yeah it was very good XD The contrast between the soft/warm bread and cold/sweet soft cream brings a unique experience XD If this was priced at 200 yen I would frequent this everyday - in replacement for lunch too ^w^

「うまそう」 "looks tasty" XD? deshou


they also sell this ^w^ will try it next time XD

Coronet comes in 4 flavors XD the one i picked is 「バニラ&チョコレート」 "vanilla and chocolate"




you could visit their site here

yay ^w^ !! itadaki XD

- Rain


  1. NOOOOOOOOO!!! Why don't they have such things in Singapore! =(

  2. that means it's a business opportunity there XD !!

  3. >.< I shouldnt be reading this before dinner.The desserts there are always good looking and tasty at the same time :3 Unlike the Mcdonalds Ice-cream commercials i see over here which turns out to look like poo after buying the actual thing ^^"