Tuesday, December 15, 2009

10K signs Miku to Venus

This is a project initiated by Dr. Sumio Moriaka, an Engineer from Sony that was responsible for LSI design used in PSP and PS3. The objective is to gather 10,000 signs in order for JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) to approve an Illustration of Miku to be onboard the spacecraft "Akatsuki" which is planned to launch to Venus mid next year (2010). So I'm urging Miku fans to join forces and let Miku fly to Venus XD !!

You could read the rest of the story background here 5TH STAR
and find the Japanese nico wiki here NICOTECH MIKU TO VENUS

Please sign here PETITION SIGN FORM

yoroshiku onegaishimasu XD !!

- Rain


  1. That much effort just to get an illustration of her? They should install her onto the onboard OS! Miku deserves as much! Heck, paint the tip of the spacecraft green (assuming it's white)!

    Anyhow, signed. Wouldn't not give my support for a Miku petition.

  2. @Ningyo XD arigatou ^w^ don't worry I think what the fans want is just to realize the fact that Miku travelled to Venus XD more of like a kid's play but with much meaning and passion ^^ ..

    But yeah I wish the would've done a grander thing like a robot in Miku's form XD