Monday, December 14, 2009

Project Comiket Getting Ready

Only 14 days left before Comiket 77 and I feel the need of doing lots of preparation for this XD It will be my 2nd time so I'm more knowledgeable of what would most likely happen in the event XD the first day will be BL day - so this day will be dedicated for Corporate Booths, since I have no interest in BL doujinshi (sorry Mafuyu-chan, I cannot take your route).

I have 3 Comiket guides - I got the first one for free (left most) and the other two priced at 2400 yen each XD Actually I only need either one of them - but since I like the number 77 I decided to buy both printed and CDROM form ^w^

for now we'll browse through the "Corporate Booths" guide ^w^ As most of us know not only doujinshi artists, but also full pledged anime goods/producers participate in the event as well ^^ A lot of people say that the cover of this guide is very "eropoi" XD

kawaii megane ko ^w^

Lycee - I haven't been into this TCG ^^ I wonder how they actually play this XD

detailed map of the 4th floor west wing, where the Corporate Booths are located.

a summary map of Tokyo Big Sight event grounds XD just to make sure you're not lost

pages are dedicated to showcase the participating companies ^w^ normally they also put their homepage address so readers can find more details what they have in store for Comiket XD

I'll camp for this booth ^w^

Melon Books and Rashinbang will participate as well

Cospa will also be gracing the event with their presence ^w^ Lots of Mio goods ^^ (though I'm not much of a Mio fan recently)

GSC will be holding early sales of Reimu figma and Marisa Nendoroid ^w^ yay

bonus shot of my triplets XD

- Rain


  1. Good luck soldier *Salutes*, got a comrade coming with u? cause I heard other people go in groups to get the things they want.

  2. Ooh, it's gonna be crowded out there ^_^ Good luck :D And take some pictures when your done :D

  3. @Asuka thanks XD I'll be going alone but prolly will meet up with some people at the end of the event ^w^ (not really close)

    @pandorahearts yes TwT the crowd is the worst thing of comiket ~ I will take some ^w^ planning to take videos as well