Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kud (AIR 06.5)

day ??:

finally submitted it XDw <3

day 3:

I suck at drawing flowers >w< drawing them one by one for the BG, basing it on a picture I found on the net XDww you could already see the colors I've done for Kud ^^/ she looks pretty alive now XDw <3


drawing the skirt pattern is always better than using PS' pattern maker XDw


day 2.7:

well because of Recettear, I was only able to work on her mouth and the extra bird on her headgear XDww

day 2.5:

added Kud's dog on the side XDw adjusted some of the lines ^^

day 2.0:

I think I'll work more on the BG ^^ and adjust parts of the drawing laterz XDw

day 1.5:

I changed Kud's sketch a bit ^^ <3 she looks older now though XDww 

- Rain

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