Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fairy (AIR 05.3) + Kud (AIR 06)

day 2.99:

well, submitted it in DA XDww !!

belated Cirno day to all ^^ <3 study Math so you can be a genius like her ^^/

day 2.8 (0911-1210):

I actually already finished Cirno .. I'm just spending time staring at it for a while XDww

In the mean time, here's my next victim ^^ <3

day 2.5:

multiply moe by 9 !!! almost done with the colors ^^ I'm just revisiting the inks

day 2:

grr .. Cirno day is over and I haven't finished it XDww should've done it earlier >w< uhuhu

day 1:

hmm this sketch came out good XD I think I'll go with this ^^ <3

- Rain

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