Monday, January 17, 2011

Reimu Taimu 楽書き

I'll finish this when I get home @w@ I actually finished Madoka, with an anti-climactic background XDww heheh - I really need to work on BGs =w=;;

hmm, Reimu seems lonely - so I added Marisa XDww though she's not so happy about it @w@;;

on another note .. Madoka's drawing is better than mine @w@ !!!!!!!!!! XDww I love it !!

and so .. I added Patchouli on top of Marisa's head XDww just to annoy her more @w@ww

Patchy looks better now @w@;;

got impatient and went on coloring chibi Patchy first @w@

Marisa seems happier now that she's colored XDww adjusted some parts @w@;; will continue laterz

yandere reimu @w@ !!

colors brings life to the CG especially when you do the eyes ^w^ this prolly what makes me happy about CGing @w@

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