Monday, August 30, 2010

Sprite Making Process

I just want to share a video where Ahruon demonstrates how to create sprites XDw This is obviously not Photoshop - many say that PS is already an overkill application for making sprites. One application I have used before is Graphics Gale which comes free for the trial version (which I think it's quite decent for starters) ^^ Easy to make XDw? think again ~

some pointers:
- make use of a sprite template (for beginners)
- learn to limit you color palette
- have patience - zoom to the max

an overview of the steps:
- sketch the frame
- flesh out the shapes with base colors (having a base image will help you decide on the colors palette faster)
- adjust parts of the image
- put shadows and highlights (Ahruon is doing it at the same time lulz, I normally do the shadows first before highlighting)


Card Sagas Wars site has a more detailed tutorial on sprite making:

- Rain

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