Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kaito Miku

Minami sensei's Chibi Miku-san #44 ( gave me the idea XDww Kaito, you may now rest in peace (pieces?) XDww

- Rain

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oreimo 06 Kirino Cuteness

I'll be spilling on details XD I can't resist it anymore ^^ Although the episode was supposed to be focused on Manami, I only had my eyes on Kirino ^w^

>w< baby Kirino is cuuute ^^ <3 caught this in the OP XD?

@A@ who can resist this smile =A= it can melt you down literally XDww

=w= !! I knew Kirino loves her brother :P




@A@ Kirino's otaku moments XDww

> . > I'm not in the mood to eat without onichan ^w^ 

grr take that *kicks chair* XDww kawaii =w= !!

@A@ *speechless*

- Rain