Saturday, September 25, 2010

Twin Tail Duet

Both singing to the tune of "Black Rock Shooter" XDw

lovely Sunday morning today ^^ <3

new critter above my desk ^^ <3

- Rain

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kud (AIR 06.5)

day ??:

finally submitted it XDw <3

day 3:

I suck at drawing flowers >w< drawing them one by one for the BG, basing it on a picture I found on the net XDww you could already see the colors I've done for Kud ^^/ she looks pretty alive now XDw <3


drawing the skirt pattern is always better than using PS' pattern maker XDw


day 2.7:

well because of Recettear, I was only able to work on her mouth and the extra bird on her headgear XDww

day 2.5:

added Kud's dog on the side XDw adjusted some of the lines ^^

day 2.0:

I think I'll work more on the BG ^^ and adjust parts of the drawing laterz XDw

day 1.5:

I changed Kud's sketch a bit ^^ <3 she looks older now though XDww 

- Rain

Cirno the Strongest

私バカじゃないもん!! >w<

One of my friends told me that the catch phrase came from Phantasmagoria of Flower View (aka Touhou 9.0) which also incidentally stamps Cirno with the number 9 on the user manual - tagged as バカ XDwww lulz

I was very enlightened <3

- Rain

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fairy (AIR 05.3) + Kud (AIR 06)

day 2.99:

well, submitted it in DA XDww !!

belated Cirno day to all ^^ <3 study Math so you can be a genius like her ^^/

day 2.8 (0911-1210):

I actually already finished Cirno .. I'm just spending time staring at it for a while XDww

In the mean time, here's my next victim ^^ <3

day 2.5:

multiply moe by 9 !!! almost done with the colors ^^ I'm just revisiting the inks

day 2:

grr .. Cirno day is over and I haven't finished it XDww should've done it earlier >w< uhuhu

day 1:

hmm this sketch came out good XD I think I'll go with this ^^ <3

- Rain

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ice (AIR 04.5)

I finished this a few days ago ^^ <3 Prolly one of the rare moments I go multiple characters in one CG XDww (which I should be doing more often)

From the left: Kai, Aya and Remi ^^ !! My original characters for a lovecomi manga I'm working on ^^

notes to myself:

1. improve the lines
2. go for more details

- Rain

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spriteを作ってみた level 1.0

I based the proportions from Ahruon's sprite tutorial XDw He used a program called "Character Raiser 1999", but in my case I used Graphics Gale. Sprite making programs tend to be simple, so probably there is no significant difference between the two. (unfortunately it seems that CR1999's home page is already dead so I couldn't actually compare it) 

(chiiiisai XDww)

- Rain