Monday, June 29, 2009

A day @ Wonder Festival 2009

It all started when I saw a picture of the new Hatsune Miku "Live Stage" version figma floating on the internet around last week of June. The figma instantly caught my eyes because of the stage and accessories that comes with it ^w^ The stage is very elaborate and perfectly fits the live virtual idol theme. Accessories include the Yamaha piano and Miku's pair of wings at her back XD (Imma sucker for angel wings ^w^) From that moment I swore that I would definitely get my hands on it no matter what it takes XD However the major problem was, this will be my first time to engage in a major event here in Japan =w= I have no experience attending heavily crowded events, which really scared me because of the long queues that takes forever (only to get inside). Moreover I have no idea on how to ride the trains; if ever this will mark my first time to leave the boundaries of Shizuoka city.